Business approach

Aggemo d.o.o. is an agency employing a team of educated, responsible, and motivated people that you can count on at all times as a reliable and ethical partner.

Special attention in our company is paid to discretion, client's interest protection, and trust. The success of our agency results from professionalism and responsibility of our management and employees, as well as from constant specialization and development.

Aggemo d.o.o. follows regulations, laws, and contractual liabilities, which creates business transparency, always in accordance with legal acts in force.

In order to advance and improve our business relations, we have developed communication and information systems with the following characteristics:

- Assistance in the use of information systems – the help provided to partners and clients in finding information they seek, which enables the partner to send existing information to a target group.

It answers the following questions: where can I look the information up? Or who can I forward the existing information to?

- Complete information – provide clients and partners with complete information in the client communication system, listing thereby all necessary data without hiding any detail, as often happens in advertising.

It answers the question: do I possess complete information i.e. all pieces of information that I am interested in and that I need for making business decisions?

- Information evaluation – the establishment of the recognized information system and its evaluation (assessment) i.e. the determination of the value and potential of information on a business, on the basis of which business decisions are made. Information is evaluated by gradation (good-bad, marks from 1 to 5 etc.) or by the method of comparing the information on evaluated business with the information on previous well-evaluated, successful business.

It answers the question: where in the evaluation marks range is the existing information? Is the evaluation mark positive regarding the qualities sought by a client or a partner?

- Information authenticity – clients and partners are provided with authentic information

It answers the question: is the obtained information in accordance with official sources?

- Information credibility – building mutual trust as well as the trust in information.

It answers the question: have I ever been provided with false information by Aggemo d.o.o.?

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