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General terms and conditions

Aggemo d.o.o. from Zagreb, 253 Ilica Street, Limited Liability Company for domestic and international trade. The main activity of the company is real estate brokerage and consulting services.

The terms and conditions of use apply to the website „Aggemo Nekretnine“ (hereinafter: website) which is owned by the company Aggemo d.o.o.

The user is any person who accesses and/or uses the services of this website.


Terms of use of the website

1.By accessing this website, the user accepts all the terms and conditions of use of the website. Aggemo d.o.o. reserves the right to make changes, modifications, and amendments to the conditions of use of the website at any time. The changes take effect immediately upon publication.

2.The user accesses the website anonymously and Aggemo d.o.o. does not collect any information about the user who searches for the real estate or services on offer.

3.For all properties and services advertised, in case of user interest, Aggemo d.o.o. checks with the property owner or service provider if there has been any change in relation to the information published on the website. If there has been a change of status, Aggemo d.o.o. informs the user about it. Aggemo d.o.o. has no liability in the event of any change in relation to published information about properties and services.

4.Aggemo d.o.o. is not liable for any damages or losses incurred directly or indirectly due to the user's access to the website or other related website links. Aggemo d.o.o. will not be held responsible for any action taken or not taken in connection with the information on this website.

5.Aggemo d.o.o. has developed the service “We find property for you”.  Users who are natural persons send an email with the following information: name and surname, city, postal code, address, e-mail, telephone / mobile phone, and for legal entities it is as follows: company name, company headquarters (address, city, postal code), name and surname, function in the legal entity, e-mail, telephone / mobile phone. The data entered will be used to draft a real estate brokerage contract. User data will not be published anywhere on the website.

6.In the Contact section, Aggemo d.o.o. collects personal data from the user: name and surname, email and telephone, which is used to reply to messages. Aggemo d.o.o. will not process the personal data further.

7.To the user who has requested the service “We find property for you” or via the Contact section has given explicit consent to receive information about new properties or services, Aggemo will send an electronic newsletter with real estate and services provided, all according to user requirements.

8.Aggemo d.o.o. has created a closed real estate forum used only by professional real estate agents. To access this forum you need to request access from Aggemo d.o.o. The Agemmo administrator decides on the access approval and assigns a username and password, and also ensures that the rules of the forum are complied with. This site collects information to access the real estate forum: name and surname, and email. The data is used exclusively to maintain the username and password to access the forum..

9.This website uses cookies, for which it requires user consent. Cookies make it easier to use the website when you restart the page. The user can accept or disable cookies.

10.Aggemo d.o.o. claims the information published on this website including text, images, format, databases, and all other (static and/or animated) materials, sounds, formats, software, names (including domain) belonging to Aggemo d.o.o.

11.No part of this website may be modified, reproduced, distributed, or sold unless otherwise stated in the agreement between the website and the other party.

12.The user is free to use the content of the website for non-commercial use. It is not permitted to distribute copies of these pages or make them available to third parties in any way other than copying the contents of the pages and searching on a personal computer, and/or printing a single copy.

Website manager information: "Aggemo Nekretnine":

Aggemo d.o.o.

Address: 253 Ilica Street, Zagreb 10000, Republic of Croatia


Phone: +385 91 5871356